MATHACHEMES is an expansive mortar that cracks rocks and concrete. This non-explosive demolition agent is an easy to use, cost effective and safer option for silently breaking up hard materials like rock or concrete. Simply drill, mix and pour. MATHACHEMES is the ideal alternative to noisy, risky concrete and rock breaking solutions like explosive blasting, jack hammering, concrete saws and stone cutters – particularly on sites with noise restrictions, vibration issues, safety risks, confined spaces or environmental pollution concerns. MATHACHEMES is an environmentally friendly, safe solution that allows you to reduce labor and equipment breakage risks and costs, improve site logistics and minimize safety, noise, dust and toxic pollution of the site. Safe, environmentally friendly rock splitting and concrete cutting

We are engaged in offering quality range of expansive mortar, which is used for primary and secondary drilling applications. Environmental friendly and non – explosive in nature, mortar is used to cut rocks and concrete and to split dimensional stone demolishes. When poured into a hole, the mortar swells and develops a pressure higher than 8000 t/sq.m on the holed walls, breaking them into an open state.



  • Elimination of blasting cracks to increase yield
  • Savings on drilling costs as a result of increased spaces between drill holes
  • No specialized training or licenses required by quarry personnel
  • Quiet, safe and equal pressure exerted in the hole, which eliminates scooping with dressing blocks